How Do Indonesian Women and Western Men Connect?

Indonesian women and Western men marriages are increasingly popular in the last few years. How’s and why’s it happened is still the question mark. This article is the key to explain about that topic. Why are there many single Indonesian women seeking Western men for marriage? Why would Western guys select Indonesian ladies for marriage?

Indonesian women

Why are Indonesian single women looking for Western men?

The first reason that Indonesian women marry foreign men is because most Indonesian men have a problem. I have to tell you most guys in Indonesia treat the woman badly, without respect. Women in this country are scared to get married with “violent” men. It happens a lot. I mean, most single girls are afraid of men in their own country. An Indonesian woman keeps thinking about her marriage in the future. She is afraid that her husband beat her up, treat her like a “slave”, and so on. I know it is hard to live with such a man. However, many women in this country have been treating like this and living in this miserable situation.

The second reason is that Western men are famous by the lovely way they treat the woman. They respect their wife and treat the wife in a good manner. They give gifts, flowers to the wife on her important days like birthdays, anniversary etc. Especially, the gender freedom in the Western countries attract ladies in Indonesia. There are no more “domestic violence” anymore. They can come to the countries where they work and make money. They can see the bright future of their children. They live in the land of opportunities. The last thing is the physical attraction of these men that most women in Indonesia love about Western men.

What Western men think of Indonesian women?

Indonesian women are popular with men in the West by their small body, faithful and honest characteristics, being submissive, and the pretty face. Single men in the West looking for Indonesian women for marriage is because they think that these ladies are beautiful and sexy. They can get married with younger woman. Moreover, Indonesian women don’t care about the man’s materials. That means a poor Western man can get married with a young pretty girl in Indonesia.

So, Indonesian women dating foreign men and vice verse is common these days. When you go to visit Asian dating sites like, you will see thousands of Indonesian women seeking American men, white men, Australian men, Canadian men and other Western men. Also, there are thousands of profiles of single men in the West seeking Indonesian single girls as well.

I hope this article gives you some ideas about how’s and why’s relationships and marriages between Indonesian women and Western men occurred.

Author: Linda LamLinda Lam
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