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Meet Rich Single Chinese Women & Men Who Are Planning To Emigrate

There are thousands of singles who live in Australia and US looking for find rich Chinese women and men who are planning to come to these nations. As you know rich Chinese buying visas in these countries is common. The question is, why are these rich Chinese people coming to the United States or Australia?

There are many reasons behind this, such as economics, society, education, environment, investment, and so on.

Chinese rich womanThe US and Australia are the two countries that attract Chinese millionaires. Many of them have left the country and many are planning to emigrate. They either buy visas or look for marriage sponsors to come to these countries. Wealthy Chinese people fleeing China for US and Australia nations are very smart in doing business in these new countries. In America, a foreigner who invests 1/2 million in a business and has at least 10 American employees, is entitled to a green card (permanent resident).

What are pros and cons in these great nations such as US and Australia?

Generally speaking, those fleeing China are looking for a better life including good schools, clean air, strong legal system, stable political situation, better future for their children, and so on.

They will be taxed on all their wealth.

In China, there are many poor people while there are many multimillionaires. There are some people who earn about $6 a day while there are many people who earn $6,000 or more a day. Those who are rich trying to find a way to flee their country China to come to a great country like US or Australia. Every year, there are hundreds of Chinese millionaires buy visas and marriage-sponsored to come to these countries.

If you are one of American or Australian citizens who want to find rich Chinese, then you have some ways you can do, including friends and family’s introduction, PR, media, event planning or charity jobs, and online Chinese dating services.

Myths About Asian Men and Western Women

Let’s go find out, Ladies. There are some confuses about Asian men who live in Asia or the West. Many ladies complain about Asian guys, what they like and how they act in terms of dating, relationship, sex and so on. I am writing this article to briefly explain some myths about them. When you have questions in mind, read these answers may help to clear your brain. This is my personal experience so it is not about every Asian man out there. Every guy has different concept and opinion so again, this is based on my own experience. I don’t want those rumors keep passing on and on.

Asian Men

Asian Men


Black women said that Asian men don’t like to date or sleep with them. This is completely untrue. Last week, I went to McDonalds to get a hamburger, I saw a Chinese guy with a black wife sitting on the table next to me. They have a daughter who is half black and half Chinese, this kid is so beautiful. Generally speaking, every man has different tastes. Some of them may like only Filipino ladies, some of them like white ladies and some of them like black women. Again, this is a myth, not true.


Asian men have small and short “bananas”. It is 95% correct. I agree with you on this. If a Western man has a 8-inch banana on average, then an Asian man has a 6-inch banana. However, it does not mean that Asian guys don’t perform good sex. Again, every man is different. Some ladies complained they had a hard time to gain an orgasm when making love with an Asian guy. I think this is not always about the size, but about how they feel during the intercourse. I agree with you for some guys in Asia don’t take time for you on bed after marriage. Asian men who live in the West know how to make it perfect. I think it also depends on what a lady wants. So, just tell him what you want, then he will make you satisfied. In fact, Asian guys are very romantic in different ways, so try to find out about that.


Asian culture is different from the West. Even those who were born in the West still nurtured the culture from their parents or grand parents. Most of Asian guys don’t like to date or marry a lady who is smarter than them. They want to control their woman. This is right. They don’t want to look bad if they have a better, smarter and stronger wife on public. So, most Asian ladies prefer to let their man take the lead in the family. It does not matter whether she is more intelligent than her husband or not, he is the leader of the family.


An Asian man ties with his family and relatives. This is absolutely correct. This is part of the culture. In Asia, some families live together in a house. Some houses have more than 10 people. This is normal. Most white or black ladies complain about this too. When dating an Asian boyfriend, his family is the hardest part to deal with. Sometimes he just listens to his parents and stick with it. He does not listen to his girlfriend. Also, his parents call him and control him too much. Also, his parents ask him to do this, do that, help this brother and sister, and so on. This is, again, part of Asian culture.


“Bossy” and “control” are two things that people apply for Asian guys and Black women. Come on guys, this is not always true. In less developed countries like the Philippines, Vietnam or Thailand, most men do “bossy” and control their wives. In the West like America or Canada, Black ladies are “bossy” and try to control their men. So, if an Asian man married a Black woman, then how’s it going to happen between them? Both are “bossy” and dominating. They both want to take a lead in a family. Nothing is really happening, guys. I have to tell you one thing that I learned, every family has one submissive person, the other is dominating. You know what I am saying?


Asian men do not like fat women. This is true. Most of Asian guys are from 5’3 to 5’8 and 130 to 160 lbs. They are thin and small. So they can’t date a 200 lb woman. As mentioned above, most of Asian guys prefer to date or marry a girl who is shorter and lighter than them. Western girls complain about it is hard to find a 6’0 feet Asian guy. That’s right. it is hard. That’s why you see interracial couples between Asian men and small or short white or black ladies.

In conclusion, what I wrote on this article based on my own experience and what I read online. It may be correct in most guys but not in some. It is up to you to judge the matter. One important thing about Asian men, they are one-men-one-woman type of men. What do you think? Just tell me about it.

Single Chinese American Women Find Online Dating – Sheng Nu Gone – Hopes For China

Chinese American singles find online dating and romance is common these days. This is the hopes for China as there are thousands of single Chinese Americans in the United States nowadays. In USA, many single Chinese American women choose to pursue their education and career goals before getting married. They are unmarried even at the age of 25s and up to 30s.

Chinese American singles

Chinese American singles

As you know, these Chinese women in America have changed their view of life when they come to this country. In China, most women get married by the age from 20s to 25s. If any Chinese lady pasts her 26th year, she is considered “unwanted ladies” or “Sheng Nu”. This traditional norm is still the same. Luckily, when they came to the United States of America, they learned from the Western culture. They are single but they are not afraid to become a Sheng Nu. They want to pursue the good education and career goal first before they get married. Chinese American men are the same. They don’t care about getting married with a girl who is under 25 years old anymore. This is one of the reasons that there are thousands of Chinese American singles in US who use online dating sites to find love and romance, relationship and marriage. One of the reasons is that they don’t have many chances to find their life partner once they are out of school or university. Another reason is that most Chinese singles don’t like to go to bars or clubs to find a life term relationship so they use online Asian dating services to find their perfect match.

The traditional marital rule in China pressures the young girls to get married in their early 20s. Whenever a Chinese girl comes to visit her relatives, she will be asked this question, “when are you going to get married?”. In the modern society, you won’t hear such nagging questions. Chinese women in US want to pursue their other goals first. They want to be successful in life. They want to focus on their education and career. They want to achieve high levels of education and they want to get a good career.

Therefore, Chinese American dating sites have provided a good way to help these single ladies find love online. In fact, there are hundreds of happy couples and relationships that generated from such online dating sites every year. It does not matter how busy they are, online dating can help them connect with their partner.

The rapid growth of Chinese dating sites boom out nowadays. There are different diverse of Chinese American singles who want to find online love and romance. Sheng Nu is gone. These China dating sites can help them find their ideal marriage. The boom in online dating sites deliver good results. They can find a perfect life mate online. is one of the free Asian dating sites that have connected many Sheng Nu with their life mate. Review

AsianPromise provides free service for men in the West to join. All female members at this Asian American dating site are ready for relationship and marriage. The Asian Promise website review and publish every female profile. They also have Dawn’s book that you can read to learn more about cross-cultural relationship and love. If you are looking for true love and long lasting relationship, AsianPromise is the solution for you.

The way that Asian Promise dating site works is that single men and women browse each other and contact if they like. Most Western men use this Asian online dating service are serious guys who are ready for marriage, and vice verse, these ladies are ready for marriage as well.

The main reason that Western guys choose Asian women for marriage because these ladies are excellent dating partners and housewives. They are popular in their characteristics in which they hold traditional values about love, relationship, romance and marriage. Even though they come to the West to live, they always keep these beautiful traditional values of being a wife in the family.

AsianPromise com website is the solution for single men in the West seeking cross cultural marriages. They can find Chinese, Filipino, Vietnamese and others. You can read a review or many reviews about this Asian dating site and learn more about them.

Men Outnumber Women in China, Single Chinese Males Cannot Find A Wife

In China, men outnumber women so there will be over 50 millions Chinese men can not find a wife. This is the concern and high vigilance of the society in this country. According to the PD Online Staff Member Li Heng, the single guys in China will have a hard time to find a wife because the shortage of ladies. This will badly affect the whole society. In some villages of China such as Beidahuang and Sanming, people can’t find young girls.

Chinese man

Chinese man

The statistics showed that the rising sex ratio among newborns boys outnumber girls will put pressure on marriage. That is, millions of single men in China can’t find a spouse, said Tian Xueyuan, a member of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. It is so sad to say that Chinese guys will have a difficult time on finding a wife. They must look for overseas women because of this shortage.

This is one of the reasons that online Asian dating services booming these days, that had thousands of Chinese men signed up with. I personally believe this is the way that men in China can find a foreign wife.

Without dating online services, these men in China have a hard time to find a wife. You think about this number, 50 million men in this country can not find a bride. That’s a big number. Also, there are thousands of Chinese brides come to the West by getting married with Western guys or Chinese men in the West. Oh no, I am sorry to tell you that you have no choice but you must find a wife overseas.

If you think about next 5 or 10 years, then it is even harder to seek a bride in China.

Japanese Women vs Chinese Women: Who do you pick?

Japanese Women VS Chinese Women is not simple to distinguish because of their differential society, economics, politics, education, and culture. I am trying my best to point out some differences between a Japanese woman and a Chinese woman in terms of dating, relationship, marriage, family, society, and so son. This may be not right from your point of view. I would like to admit that this is what I think about them. If you have different view, then please share your comments below.

Japanese Women VS Chinese WomenJapanese Women

Japanese women rate their values higher than any other Asian girls. A Japanese woman believes that she is the girl who lives in the world’s greatest nation. So, she does not want to marry a Western man because it is a disgrace. She thinks that Japan is the greatest country on the world. In public, she will initiate an approach if she likes any specific man. Most Japanese women are active in bed. On family relationship, Japanese wives are oriented in supporting the husbands and taking care of as well as raising the kids. They are very responsible and dutiful in this rule of a wife. They respect and treat their husbands’ moms. Since women in Japan live in a developed country, they are friendly and open-minded. They will take a good care of their husbands and share happiness and sorrows with each other. Japanese girls usually date and marry with a man who is around their age. They will work and develop a life together. Most of them were taught by their mothers about looking after their husbands. They love strong men.

Chinese Women

Chinese women rate their values and norms lower than other ladies from other developed countries in Asia like Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, and etc. A Chinese girl thinks that marrying a guy who lives in a Western country, is a pride for her and her family. If there is a chance, she will marry a foreigner. In public, a Chinese girl usually does not initiate an approach even though she likes any specific man. Most Chinese women are not very active in bed. In China, especially at clubs or bars, there are many one-night stands. There are many short-term dates from such places. Most women in China do not like their mother-in-laws to live with them. Chinese girls are not very friendly and open-minded. They keep things inside. Chinese girls prefer to find an old man who is rich. They are willing to date or get married with a man who is between 15 and 20 years older. Most of them were taught by their mothers about keeping the husband’s finance. They don’t like manly men.

Chinese Women VS Japanese Women is hard to tell. However, I just pointed out some differences between the two based on my own experience and what I read online. They are both Asians. Every country has different culture. There are good and bad things. I don’t say what country has more bad things. What I wrote above may not be accurate. You can comment your ideas on the box below. Thank for you reading this article.

Korean Women vs Chinese Women: Who do you select?

Korean Women VS Chinese Women common characteristics is the love they have towards their family. Both Chinese women and Korean women will teach their children good morals and how to grow in their culture. If you are that man who would like his children under good morals and culture, then you need to get in touch with the Chinese or Korean women.

Korean Women VS Chinese Women

Korean Women VS Chinese Women

Another similarity about Chinese and Korean women is the help they help in building the family. Korean women are always supportive of the family since they remain in their houses to take care of your kids. Koreans girls vs Chinese girls exhibit common characteristics of taking care of their family well. Furthermore, they are supportive and submissive too.

When you are married to a Chinese lady, you are sure of faithful wife who will not betray you. There is nothing as sweet as knowing that your sweetheart has eyes only for you and will never look at anyone else for more satisfaction. Because of this, Koreans and Chinese ladies are committed to give their man their all which makes it easy to sustain relationships.

It has been found that pressure is bad for the sustenance of any relationship. Korean women vs Chinese women exhibit similar characteristics of leaving you to make your own mind. Although Chinese women know what they want, they will never pressure them to make decisions which give fully the leadership role to their men. In this way, order is maintained thus making it easy for the relationship to be sustained.

Korean women and Chinese women are both Asian ladies which makes them exhibit common characteristics. For instance, they are decent, good in house work, faithful and loving as well. Because of this, they are darling of many in the market today. Therefore if you are looking for a woman to raise your family, Chinese Women VS Korean Women will be the best option for you.


Chinese Dating Sites – A Good Way To Meet Singles in China

Chinese Online Dating Sites are the most effective way to find Chinese singles in China these days. On this modern century, single Chinese girls and guys, men and women just use the online Asian dating services to find their second half. Especially, women in this country are smart in choosing the best life partner. They do not go to single clubs or bars to find men anymore. They learned from experience that Chinese men at such places are not serious in settling down a long-term relationship but try to have fun only, for one or two nights. So, if you are a man seeking woman in this nation, then you can’t find her in clubs anymore. Most of these single Chinese women register at China dating sites to find their lifelong partner.

Asian Women vs American WomenChinese Women are well-known for their natural beauty and extraordinary personalities. In terms of relationship and marriage, they are extremely loyal, patient, courteous and perfect. A Chinese girl is typically a perfect housewife. She is faithful and lovely. She talks softly, more timid and reserved. You guys are very lucky to get married with such a perfect girl. As the internet technology booming widely in China, thousands of single Chinese singles use the internet to find their partner. They can contact with many single men or women in China and select the best one. You know what? Chinese ladies are not sitting at home and wait for the man to come and knock on the door. Modern women in this country go online to look for the best man of their dream. That’s a good thing.

Online Chinese dating service is the best convenient way to find singles and personals these days. There are thousands of Chinese mail order brides who have found husbands through the internet dating websites. It is every simple and easy to find love and relationship on line. Members do not have to pay a cent for using free Chinese dating websites. Take action to sign up a personal profile and search for your other half.

You can view Chinese Singles Pictures here.

How do Chinese Women Find Relationship Online?

Chinese Women Looking For Husband

Chinese Women Looking For Husband

Chinese Women Looking For Husband at Asian dating sites are increasingly popular in the last few years. By browsing the online dating services, there are thousands of single Chinese Women Looking For marriage waiting to meet men online. These girls look for local men as well as men in the West as well. Nowadays, Chinese girls demonstrate the most beautiful attraction to men in the West. Single men in the West are Chinese and Western men. Local Chinese women are the most loyal women in terms of relationship and marriage on this world. Needless to say, they are the best Asian women who rarely file divorce after marriage.

Chinese women seeking for men online are increasing. There are more and more women in China use the Asian dating services to register their profiles. They describe who they are, post their pictures, and look for marriage. Since the clubs and bars in China are composed of youngsters who just want to have fun. Such clubbers don’t think about long-term relationship. So, single Chinese girls can’t go to these places to find a life mate. They prefer the online Chinese dating sites to find their other half for life long.

Single Chinese women looking for men at Asian dating sites have been a phenomenon in the last few years. Every year, there are thousands of happy marriages created from such Chinese dating sites. Online dating really works for honest singles. Dating online is easy and convenient. You only need a computer to do all the work. If you don’t have a computer, then you can use the Internet cafe to register a profile, search for Chinese singles, and interact with others.

If you are one of these single Chinese women looking for marriage and vice verse, then take action to meet your life mate online now.

Why do Asian Girls Like Western Men for marriage?

In America, we see thousands of interracial relationships and marriages between Asian Girls love white men and black men. You wonder why Asian girls love white men or black guys. One reason is that these guys treat Asian girls as Queens, including respects and politeness. I usually pay attention to these couples and have concluded that these gentlemen are very nice and polite to their women. They always use the Western techniques to treat the woman, even after marriage. So, Asian girls love black men or white guys is because of this respectful way of treating them. On the other hand, most Asian men don’t do this to the wife after marriage.

Asian black and white couples

Asian black and white couples

Let’s talk about why black and white men looking for Asian girls. As you know that most of Asian women are beautiful, small, smooth, and sexy from the out-view. Their inner-beauty is extraordinary in terms of doing as a house-wife. An Asian girl does not get angry with her husband. When she reaches the argument, she sits back and stays silent until she is out of the boiling point. In terms of love and relationship, she honors your love and respect her husband, as well as put your needs on top. Most Asian
women re beautiful from the inside and the outside. They are obese, feminine, petite and delicate. Most of them take good care of their physical appearance. They usually don’t drink or smoke. After marriage, an Asian woman stays on your side and only goes out with you and your children.

Let’s go back to the point of why Asian Women love black men or white guys. In the United States of America or other Western nations, there thousands of thousands single Asian women are living with their husbands whose races are not Asian. Most of Asian ladies who get married with American husbands are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipino, Laos, Khmer, and etc. The main reason is that these Western guys treat Asian women in a better manner than Asian men do. A lot of Asian guys don’t usually pay attention to the wife after marriage and have kids. Even some Asian guys don’t even remember the birthday of their wives. On the other hand, Western men pay a lot of attention to these special days of the wife such as anniversary, birthday, etc.

I know that my article may make some Asian men angry, but it is true in terms of relationship and marriage. Again, I am speaking from the general point of view. Some tips for Asian guys is that treat your girl in more respect and pay attention to her, even after marriage or after she has kids. Take her out to romantic dinners and treat her well. Talk to her the way you talked when dating her. You will see how great it turns out.

Again, I am speaking from my own experience. I am Asian. Sometimes I forgot about those romantic things I have done during the dating time with my wife. So, I just write this article as my personal experience. Most of Asian girls love Asian men, only some love white men or black guys. If you are an Asian man who treats and respects her by paying more attention to her, fulfill what she needs, giving gifts to her special days, taking her to romantic dinner, etc, you will see who how wonderful your love-life is.

For reference, if you are single and looking for love, please visit our free Asian dating site. Please click here to visit our site.