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Why do Asian women find richer & smarter men than them to marry?

Asian women usually find rich men to marry. There are some reasons behind this. The cultural custom is the main thing. Traditionally speaking, Asian ladies choose guys for marriage who must be wealthier than them. In fact, most of Asian women are submissive and men are dominant. So, they like to find a man who is higher or more knowledge than them about education level, background, understanding and so on. Most importantly, money is the main thing.

Asian women

They find a big difference between marrying a rich man or a poor man. A rich man can provide a great lifestyle including material needs. A poor man can’t give their wife the material things in life. They have to take care their poor husbands, which most Asian ladies don’t want to do so. Love is one thing but marriage is different. Dating is different and living together is a big different. Most of Asian girls want to respect their husbands and be submissive to their husbands. In order to do that, their husbands must be on the higher educated and richer than them, certainly.

You have seen many Asian wives who have a high-school degree married guys who have bachelor or even master degree in education. There are many college girls who just look for men who graduated a few years ago, and so on. That means they usually find husbands who are better than them in everything. They are different from American couples that use different bank accounts after marriage. The wife uses her own account and the husband uses his own bank account. Most of Asian couples use the same bank account.

Asian ladies look for wealthier men than them because that’s the traditional custom in Asia origins. The husbands are the ones who go out and make money to support the family while the wives stay home to take care of children and house errands. On this century, there are millions of Asian women who have been born in the Western countries like America, Canada, Australia etc, they are still nurtured this traditional custom from their parents or grand-parents. Even though most of these ladies today work full time, they still want to seek a husband who is richer, smarter than them.

In the Western countries, thousands of Asian women who work in a restaurants, shopping centers, nail or barber shops and so on, looking for men who are like software engineers or other IT field. If you are a a barber, then it is hard to find a girl in this field. Most of single Asian women are looking for a richer and smarter man than them for marriage at Asian online dating services or at a bar or any other public places. I am sorry, guys, that’s the true.

Why do Korean Women Find American Men A Phenomenon today?

It is no doubt that thousands of Korean women looking for American men online, which is a well-known phenomenon in the last few years. There are a few thousands of Korean brides who come to this country every year. 

Most of these ladies are from South Korea, which is the north east of Asia. Some of them got married with Korean American men who have lived in the US for a long time. A few of them even got married with Native Americans. Some of these ladies know their husbands through introduction from friends or family as well as relatives while some of them use online Korean dating services to know their men.

Korean Woman Looking For American Men

Korean Woman Looking For American Men

The reason that these single Korean women seeking American husbands is because they are attracted by the power and prestige of the US country. Even though Korea is a country that people can get good job and career, the United States of America is more attracted to these ladies. So, they like to get married with men in America. Most of these Korean men live in the US for a long time, but they prefer to get married with local girls in their hometown because these ladies usually are more traditional than Korean American girls. That’s what they think, you know?

You can find many Korean mail order brides through marriage agencies. However, I suggest you use free Korean dating sites to find them. You don’t pay nothing for using the service to find a girl, you know? Why do you have to pay for love? Love is supposed to be free.

All single Korean women seeking men in America are mature and sincere. They are serious about finding a life partner online. So, to find a girl for marriage, you must be honest. To tell you the truth, they are ready for a marriage, how about you? Of course, they are still looking for the right one. If you are a Korean man who lives in the US for a long time and who are interested in marrying a local girl in Korea, then take action to find her online today. Thousands of single Korean women looking for American husbands are waiting online to meet you.

Why do Japanese Women Go For American Men?

Nowadays there are an increasing number of Japanese women looking for single American husbands. Especially, online dating sites have thousands of Japanese female profiles that seek men in US. Is this a gamble for these ladies in Japan?

No, it is not a gamble but is a careful thought before they make their personal profiles online to find a perfect man in the United States of America. The most important reason is that these guys are different from Japanese guys. American men usually treat their wives in a better manner, respect and love them more, especially they appreciate their wife’s career even after they have children.

Japanese women looking for single American husbands

Japanese women looking for single American husbands

I have to admit one thing about Japanese guys. I am one of them so I know exactly how they are. Most of men in Japan don’t treat their wives as equal as American men do. You know what? Men in USA don’t treat their wives as maids, you know what I am saying? So, this is one of the most important reasons that they are looking for Japanese American men or even native men in America. You can check at Asian dating sites like for Japanese single girls who have good education background, good career etc. The whole point is that they don’t want to be a housewife after marriage, as men in Japan expect from their wife.

Every year, large dating sites have hundreds or thousands of couples connected each other. They travel to the US to meet their special someone whom they meet from these matchmaking sites. Every year, there is about 5% of Japanese singles marrying foreigners. So, online dating services have helped millions of single Japanese men and women to find their partner overseas. Japanese girls are looking for American husbands in the US is common these days.

Another reason is that most Japanese guys work too hard. They don’t have time to play with their family, no play, no fun and no good. I mean, a hard working man is good but not great. He needs to know how to balance work and play so your family is perfect. They don’t have to spend time with their friends, but their wife and children.

American men usually use sweet words with their wife, “you are pretty”, “I love you” etc. They even say that every time they talk to their wife. Only a few words to say them out, however, most Japanese men have hard time to say that. Come on guys, learn how to say that to your lady. “I love you” is so easy to say and it helps you a lot. Just say it out loud because she wants to hear it from you. I know some Japanese guys never say that word, “I love you”, after marriage.

Another reason that American men are getting good points is that they admit what they do wrong. “I am sorry, honey” is the words that they say every time they do something wrong. You know what? They apologize when they make mistakes because they want to take responsibility for what they do. However, some Japanese men can’t say these two words “I’m sorry” to their wives. That’s sad.

There are other reasons that Japanese women prefer from American men. American guys know what their wife want to fulfill their needs. The other thing is the romantic moments that they usually do to their wife. They never forget to give gifts to their wife on the special days like birthday, Christmas, New Year etc. The last reason is that American men usually try to be “bad boys” in bed. Most Japanese women like “bad boys” in bed, you know what I mean? So, Japanese women looking for American men for marriage is based on these above reasons.

Is it popular about Filipino Women Seek Men in America for marriage?

Filipino Women Looking For American Men for marriage have been too popular in the last few years. Nowadays, there are thousands Filipino women looking for husbands in USA. There is a mutual benefits of such couples. A Filipino girl can get married with an American husband while the man can get a beautiful and loyal wife. Both come together online and get married with each other. I have seen many Filipino-American couples in my neighborhood and they look fantastic to each other. Especially, their children are so beautiful and lovely.

Filipina woman seeking American man

Filipina woman seeking American man

Why are single Filipino women looking for American husbands?

Finance is the first key factor. In Philippines, Filipinas don’t have good job to work and take care of the family. These Filipino women seeking foreign men in USA to have a chance to come to this country to work and make money. As you know that America is a dream land of opportunities. If you are a talented person, then you will get rich over here. This is true. Many of my friends can make from $2,000 to $4,000 a month. In Philippines, Filipinos can’t make this much. When Filipino brides come to this country, they can make money to take care of themselves and also help their family in Philippines.

Unfaithful husband is the second reason. In this culture, many men have cheated on their wives, which is not uncommon. Thousands of Filipino wives must deal with infidelity husbands. So, they try to avoid the unfaithful men by marrying American men in USA.

Respect is the third reason. Filipino women think that American men treat the woman with respects. There are not as many abused relationships in America as that happened in Philippines. American husbands don’t hit their wives as men in Philippines.

I just listed three reasons why thousands of single Filipino women looking for husbands in USA. If you think there are some other reasons, then feel free to add them by writing on comments below. Thanks.

Why do Asian Girls Dream to live in the United States of America

Asian Girls in USA

Asian Girls in USA

Asian Girls dream to live in the United States of America. This is no doubt that there are thousands of Asian brides come to USA by getting married with Asian-American men. The USA is so appealing to thousands of single women in Asia because there is the freedom for women and men. That means they cannot find such gender freedom in their home countries. By learning from friends, relatives, or from books, they understand something about the equality between women and men in the United States of America. Thousands of single Asian women see the USA as a dream land they can live for the rest of their life ideally. They can make their dream come true. Therefore, thousands of single Asian girls are willing to get married with older husbands in America so they can come to this dream country.

As I mentioned above, one way that Asian girls come to USA is through the marriage with Asian-American husbands. There are other ways to get a chance to come to America. Education is one of the ways that Asian women come to USA. They have to apply for the college or universities in this country. When they get accepted, they are able to live in America until they graduate. This is a good change for many single Asian girls to find husbands in this dream land. They can stay here for at least four years. Within these four years, they can find Asian American men to get married so they can stay here permanently. There are many of these students who get married with Asian American guys and stay in this land of freedom.

The most common way that Asian Women come to the United States of America is through the marriage agencies. Asian mail order brides are those who sign up themselves online to look for Asian American husbands. There are many Asian American men prefer to choose women in Asia to be the wife. There are also Asian dating sites that offer the opportunities for girls in Asia to get acquainted with Asian men in USA. As you browse on Google, Yahoo, MSN for some keywords like ‘Asian dating sites’, ‘Asian girls for marriage’, ‘Asian women for dating’, etc, there are many good sites appear on these major search engines. These Asian dating sites are the solution that connect single Asian girls looking for men online.

In conclusion, single Asian girls dream to come to the United States of America to live because they think the USA is the land of gender freedom. They can make their dream come true in USA. They heard from friends or relatives that the USA is the land of opportunities so they can build up a bright future. So, there are thousands of single Asian women looking for men online through either Asian dating sites or mail order bride services. Many of single young Asian girls are willing to get married with older Asian American guys so they can come to this dream land. They can build a good future in USA which result in a bright future for their children and the next generations.

Anyway, single Asian girls come to USA through marriage agencies and education. Every year, there are thousands of thousands women in Asia come to the United States of America to live. Women in Asia think that the USA is the dream land.

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Some Tips To Know Of Filipino Women in the Philippines

Filipino women

Filipino women

Filipino women for dating and marriage have been too popular to the world today, especially in America. There are thousands of Filipino women in the Philippines registered their personals ads through Asian Dating site or mail order brides services to look for foreign husbands. These women in the Philippine are in the range from 20 to 50 years old. They are either single, divorced, or widowed. Some of them left their husbands because of domestic violence. Foreign men usually do not care about the past of a woman. However, Filipino men usually care about that. So, these girls in Philippines post their profiles with hope to find a Filipino-American man for a lifetime commitment as well as genuine love later in life.

Many men prefer to get married with single Filipino girls in Philippines because they want to have a lifetime relationship. Online Asian dating sites are the place to meet these beautiful ladies. There are also Filipina dating sites that help singles to find each other online. You can either join Asian dating services or specific Philippines dating sites to start your online dating journey. Most of women in Philippines can speak and understand English fluently. This is one of the reasons a lot of men prefer Philippine girls more than other Asian girls when they choose to settle with an Asian girl. As you know mature Philippines girls can handle a relationship perfectly so you are on the right track in choosing a lifelong mate in life.

The reason that these beautiful Filipino women participating in online dating to find the right man is because the Internet is the easiest way to find one. This rule applies to single men looking for Filipino girls online too. Most of these mature Philippines girls are still attractive, charming, sweet and caring, even they are in the mid 40s. A lot of Filipino American men looking for women in their original country to get married because they want to choose the best one out of many ladies available online. Also, many Caucasian men are looking for Filipino ladies to get married and sponsor the ladies to America to live. Every year, thousands of relationships and marriages are created through the means of online Asian dating websites.

Filipino Women

How do you know about Filipino women? Can you flirt with a Filipina lady on the street? No, you can’t. Most Filipino girls don’t like impolite men. If you flirt with a Filipino woman on the road, then this usually does not turn out well for a long-term relationship. Filipino women are honest, royal, beautiful, appealing, and sexy.

Where To Meet Single Filipino Women?

Asian dating sites are the best way to meet single Filipino women. You can meet Filipino-American women who are currently living in the USA or you can meet local women in Philippines. Some men prefer local women and some prefer Filipino girls who have been living in America for a long time.

In conclusion, if you are a single Filipina lady or man, then you should visit free Asian Dating site to search for your second half. It is free of charge to register a profile, search for them. Click here to find them. Good luck!

Why do Asian Girls Like Western Men for marriage?

In America, we see thousands of interracial relationships and marriages between Asian Girls love white men and black men. You wonder why Asian girls love white men or black guys. One reason is that these guys treat Asian girls as Queens, including respects and politeness. I usually pay attention to these couples and have concluded that these gentlemen are very nice and polite to their women. They always use the Western techniques to treat the woman, even after marriage. So, Asian girls love black men or white guys is because of this respectful way of treating them. On the other hand, most Asian men don’t do this to the wife after marriage.

Asian black and white couples

Asian black and white couples

Let’s talk about why black and white men looking for Asian girls. As you know that most of Asian women are beautiful, small, smooth, and sexy from the out-view. Their inner-beauty is extraordinary in terms of doing as a house-wife. An Asian girl does not get angry with her husband. When she reaches the argument, she sits back and stays silent until she is out of the boiling point. In terms of love and relationship, she honors your love and respect her husband, as well as put your needs on top. Most Asian
women re beautiful from the inside and the outside. They are obese, feminine, petite and delicate. Most of them take good care of their physical appearance. They usually don’t drink or smoke. After marriage, an Asian woman stays on your side and only goes out with you and your children.

Let’s go back to the point of why Asian Women love black men or white guys. In the United States of America or other Western nations, there thousands of thousands single Asian women are living with their husbands whose races are not Asian. Most of Asian ladies who get married with American husbands are Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Cambodian, Filipino, Laos, Khmer, and etc. The main reason is that these Western guys treat Asian women in a better manner than Asian men do. A lot of Asian guys don’t usually pay attention to the wife after marriage and have kids. Even some Asian guys don’t even remember the birthday of their wives. On the other hand, Western men pay a lot of attention to these special days of the wife such as anniversary, birthday, etc.

I know that my article may make some Asian men angry, but it is true in terms of relationship and marriage. Again, I am speaking from the general point of view. Some tips for Asian guys is that treat your girl in more respect and pay attention to her, even after marriage or after she has kids. Take her out to romantic dinners and treat her well. Talk to her the way you talked when dating her. You will see how great it turns out.

Again, I am speaking from my own experience. I am Asian. Sometimes I forgot about those romantic things I have done during the dating time with my wife. So, I just write this article as my personal experience. Most of Asian girls love Asian men, only some love white men or black guys. If you are an Asian man who treats and respects her by paying more attention to her, fulfill what she needs, giving gifts to her special days, taking her to romantic dinner, etc, you will see who how wonderful your love-life is.

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How Asian wife is better than Western wives

Asian wives are extremely popular in the West because of their beautiful characteristics. An Asian wife takes good care of her husband and children. She works hard to support the family. With an Asian wife at home, your organized house and delicious homemade daily meals are no longer a problem. You feel like you are the man of the house. Studies have proved that many single American men prefer to get married with the Asian lady. Especially, divorced men like to knot with Asian girls to build a life-term commitment. As you know that these girls don’t get divorced with the man because of his financial problems.

Asian wife

Asian wife

American men think Asian wife is more beautiful than the Native American girls. The darker skin of Asian ladies are generally more beautiful, attractive and sexy. Most of Asian women are calmer and they have a higher tolerance for the man. They put their husband and children on high priority. Some American guys think that Asian ladies are too small for them. It maybe true if you are a big American. But if you are a medium guy, then an Asian wife is perfect for you. A beautiful couple is that the girl comes up to the guy’s shoulder. This looks for beautiful.

Asian wives can give their husbands the unmatched love. They can produce the best love for their husbands that you cannot find in any other Western girls. They can give warmer feelings and higher affection. They like to enjoy a happy family more than anything else. Their characteristics are extraordinary. Most of Asian girls in America work full time, they always manage to have an organized household. They try the best they can to support and help the husband. As you can see many Native American couples spend hundreds of dollars a month to hire cleaning service company to clean their house. However, you don’t see Asian-American couples spend this kind of money on such jobs because the wife will do it.

Asian girls are willing to sacrifice their own interests for the sake of their husbands and children. They will do anything to make sure the husband is happy. They always stay on their husband side no matter what the situation is. They respect their husbands take good care of the children. An Asian wife will always try to figure out what her husband want.

Asian wives are more attractive because of their own inner beauty and the traits. Western ladies may be more attractive from the outer-look, but Asian ladies are more attractive from the inner look.

Anyway, if you are looking for an Asian wife, you should try to find her at free dating sites. Take action today to find her online.

Asian Women and American Men – How do they connect?

It is obvious that Asian women seeking American men when they came to USA with their family. Asian dating service is the best method for these Asian women looking for men online. They are too popular these days because of their good characteristics and oriental beauty. So, single American men and guys are very interested in getting married with these girls because they want lifetime relationship.

Pretty Asian woman

Asian dating sites are popular for singles and personals to look for love and romance online because it is easy and convenient, and it’s free. is one of the most free dating site that connects thousands of single Asian women with local men as well as American men. Some of Asian girls seeking White men or Black men who live in America because American men treat their women or wives better. They respect and treat the Asian woman like a Queen. Who else don’t want to be treated as a Queen?

An Asian woman who registers at online dating services bear in mind one important thing, that is, she must find an honest and faithful Asian man or American man who respects and loves her to the rest of her life. She does not want to be equal as an American girl but she wants her husband treat her in a better manner. An Asian lady can sacrifice herself in doing all house chores at home for you while you sit on the sofa watching TV. Since Asian ladies pay more attention to the honesty and faithfulness so they want the man will do the same thing. This is one of the most important factor that most Asian women prefer.

Asian women looking for American husbands pay attention to the honesty and faithfulness on relationship and marriage because they consider marriage is as a lifetime commitment in their life. If you want to win her heart, then you must be honest in love. When you win her heart, she is yours forever and ever.

Asian culture is different from American culture. Whether an Asian woman rooted from Japan, China, Korea, Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, each culture is different from each other. So, you should learn about the cultural differences when dating or marrying an Asian wife.

Free Asian dating sites are the boon to look for an ideal companion whether you live in Asia countries or USA. You only need to create a personal profile and start the dating process immediately. Why does online dating service work out well? The simple answer is that you can choose the best one among many Asian personals or singles available online. You also can read each personal profile before you make a decision to contact them or not. It is advisable to post some pictures on your profile because it will attract more.

There are thousands of these singles seeking each other at any Asian American dating services. You can find them at by browsing these beautiful and sexy Asian girls online. Take action to find your other half today.

Asian Women – 8 Golden Rules

The economy is booming in the continent of Asia and so does the popularity of beautiful women of Asia. Girls in Asia are coming out of their grudges and leading a free life. This has lead to the exploration of their beauty, boldness and their willingness to abide by their culture. Time and culture has made Asians become popular among the dating guys, brides etc.

Asian women

Asian women

American boys love to have a deep relationship with the Asian girls due to the strong bond they are able to maintain with them. Asian women are honest, reliable and trustworthy. These attributes are due to their family background and are never seen among the Americans. Ability of Asian ladies to cook the tasty, delicious foods makes them a best choice and most preferred option among all the guys internationally. These women are unique and they are the best mangers in the society. It is due to the fact that they are able to synchronize easily between their work and family. Asian women are hard working and this has raised them to reach higher level of education that equals to Asian men. Time has changed from the past because both men and women are equally educated in Asia in this present century.

Asian dating site has seen tremendous growth as almost all the white guys are attracted by the yellowish skin and cuteness in the face of these girls. Girls in Asia have become crowd favorite these days and getting an Asian girl for a date is simple with the extension of the computer world and technology. Women in Asia love their husbands to the core and their love arises from the bottom of their heart. Maintaining the traditional values in a classy way to best suit the family, these girls rarely engage in divorce. Asian ladies are always confined to their husband after the marriage and rarely go in search of another guy after the marriage while this situation is most common among other ladies in many nations.

Marriages ceremonies are done in Asia as a great celebration in the presence of the relatives and elders. Usually the elders arrange this marriage ceremony between a guy and a girl. But the most insane part is that the boy and the girl would have never met each other or they will be known to each other till marriage. Though marrying an Asian bride is opted by many foreigners due to the fact that these girls would stick to their family, there are many chances of ending up in bedlam.

There are 8 golden rules that make Asian pretty girls these days (as always they have been) are:

  1. Asian girls are able to maintain family relationships and stick to their families.
  2. They cook delicious food and love serving their family.
  3. Asian women are good looking and pretty.
  4. They take nice care of children.
  5. Traditionally attached and motivated.
  6. Make good wives to the husbands.
  7. Rarely search guys after marriage
  8. Enjoys housework