Why Do Young Asian Girls Marry Foreigners

There are thousands of Asian girls dating and marrying foreigners. They are either in Asia or in the West. Some reasons I like to briefly point out about why many of Asian women prefer to marry foreign husbands. We use the term “girls” is because most unmarried Asian ladies prefer to be called “girls” instead of “women” or “ladies”. However, in this article we use each term interchangeably. Also, we mean about foreigners are those Native men who live in any specific country.

Asian girls

Asian girls

The power of money & opportunities

This is only true for those who live in poor condition. In the Philippines, Cambodia, China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, some young girls are willing to marry old foreigners because of material comfort. They earn a few US bucks a day and most of them have many young siblings to take care of. So, they must accept to marry old foreign husbands to save their parents and help their siblings from a life in extreme poverty. Most of them consider this as their greatest duty.

If they are sponsored to the West, then they can work and full fill their material needs. In an developed country, most people can work and make big money compared to what they do in their hometown.

In the West including America, Australia, Canada, UK and others, Asian women marry foreigners because of love and romance, not the material thing. They live in the West so they can make money as much as any Native local citizen. Some of them love foreigner men is because of traits and characteristics, just like many Asian women date and marry Asian men.

Get rid of their own race

Some Asian girls want to get rid of their own race. They like to marry Caucasian men to have beautiful children. They don’t like their future kids to be Asian-like, with slanting and tiny eyes with skin on the eyelids turns outwards which makes it hardly open. Don’t hate me about this, guys. Some of my Chinese friends have said that to me. Anyway, they try to escape from their own race and culture.

The past relationships & marriages

Asian men care about their partner’s past relationships and marriages. When a woman gets married with a man, she usually does not want him to remind her last partners.

One of my friends have said to me that her husband usually tells about her past relationship every time they have an argument, something like “you’re stubborn and hard-head so your last husband divorced you”.

Western men usually don’t care much about their partner’s past relationships. They usually don’t hurt their partners by reminding about the last partners. Western husbands usually talk sweeter and more polite voices to their wife than Asian guys do. Foreign men don’t care about the past.

True love

This is the most obvious reason that Asian girls and foreign men come together and develop a relationship based on true love. They love the man because of his gentle and sweet things. She loves him and to be loved by him.

So, young Asian girls marry foreigner men because of many reasons as listed above.

What do you thing about these reasons?

Do we miss anything?

To prove this, you can view thousands of Asian girls who live in Asia and in the US, Australia, Canada and UK signed up at our free dating site at to look for foreign men.

Chinese Women in Mainland China and Hong Kong about Dating & Marriage

Chinese women in Mainland is different from women in Hong Kong. They are both Chinese but the way they act and live are not the same. There are some things you should know about these same race but act differently because they live in two different regions of China. This article will briefly explain the reasons they are different in terms of dating, relationship and marriage.

Mainland woman vs Hong Kong woman in China

Mainland woman vs Hong Kong woman in China

Many Chinese women flock to Hong Kong to give birth every week, month and year. Hong Kongers are more modernized and independent than Chinese women. They work and take care of themselves and their family. Most Chinese wives stay home to take care of their kids while Hong Kong women go to work even after they have babies.

Hong Kong people always complain about how impolite Chinese women are when they come to Hong Kong, such as spit, cut in line, loud talk and other not-right public behavior standards. They were born and raised from a great country of Asia so they treat others with more modernized ways. Chinese ladies are from China so they get used to the low standards of public behavior which make them look funny in front of women in Hong Kong.

Almost every thing in Hong Kong is far better than in China, including education, economic, medical care, society and so on. No wondering why about 40% of Chinese pregnant women flock to Hong Kong to give birth in order to get the permanent residency in this region of China. When the children have this right, they have free education from 1st grade until 12th grade (High School graduation). Generally speaking, many Chinese women pursue the dream of marrying a man in Hong Kong. There are other benefits of being a Hong Konger that you can’t find as being a Chinese.

Every year, there are about 25 millions of Chinese men and women came to Hong Kong for working. Especially, pregnant women in China come to this country to give birth and get the right for permanent residency. This is one of the reasons rate Chinese are a low class.

In terms of dating and marriage, most Chinese single women just look for men in Hong Kong. Mainland girls think that getting married with a man in Hong Kong (HK) is like “winning a lottery”. In fact, there are thousands of young Chinese girls accept to get married with old men in HK. When they get to this country and obtained a permanent residency, they file a divorce. This happens and keep happening but many old and poor single men in Hong Kong are still interested in young Chinese wife in China.

For those Mainland ladies who already lived in HK, they are certainly looking for educated men in this country. They are not seeking Mainland men in HK, unless these guys are high educated and successful in business.

Generally speaking, women in HK set with high standards in terms of marriage. Most uneducated men are not their type. They are educated and successful women so they are looking for men who match with their standards. Therefore, many low-educated or poor men in HK must go for single women in Mainland or other countries like Philippines or Vietnam.

There are many of Chinese women in China and Hong Kong signed up their profiles to look for single men at Chinese women in Mainland and Hong Kong are different in terms of dating and marriage because they are born and raised in two different regions of China.

Interracial dating & relationships between British men & Asian women

British men like Asian women so much that there are many interracial relationships between those two races, which happens in the United Kingdom. There are some reasons why both races like each other. However, British women don’t like Asian men in terms of dating and romance. 

Asian ladies like British guys because of physical attributes. British men like Asian women because of beauty and characteristics.

British men are tall and handsome. They have broad shoulders. European descent is one unique reason that most women like in a man.

Asian women are skinny, small and family oriented. Most of them are submissive.

Asian woman

Asian woman

I also think about the media influence which plays the most important part that they are attracted with each other. Asian ladies are often portrayed as the most exotic and stunning women on the world. British men are the tall, handsome and ideal husbands for women. As you have seen on TV and other types of media, they are portrayed as “goody” things. You hardly see “baddy” things about them. As a result, many movies have showed bad things about Asian men. So, many women have negative image about Asian men, especially British women. If you are an Asian man who lives in London and approaches a British lady by talking, she is nicely talking to you. However, she thinks “oh no, don’t dream on it, poor guy”.

From the media standpoint, Asian women are viewed as the positive image while Asian men don’t. British men are viewed as the best husbands on the world with honesty and loyalty, the guys who treat ladies with respects and never be “controlled” on their wife.

British men are friendly and approaching to women with confidence. Most Asian women like confident men. Asian men are not friendly and not approaching to women. They seem to be shy. They usually don’t hang out with non-Asian friends. I think because of small and short body size, they are afraid of hanging out with tall and strong guys. This is one of the reason British women don’t date Asian guys.

On the other hand, Asian women who live in Europe are friendly to local guys. They are aggressive women for flirting with white guys whom they like. So, British men are the best choice for Asian women. Some of these guys are curious when looking at other guys who are dating Asian ladies. So, they follow the crowd to try Asian ladies and more and more guys follow the crowd as simple things people do.

Lastly, most British women have high standards which local men can’t meet so these guys must go for Asian women. Many of single British men who choose simple ways on the woman they are dating and marrying. So, that’s why there are thousands of interracial dating, relationships and marriages between Asian women and British men nowadays.

Vietnamese Mail Order Brides in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & South Korea

Vietnamese mail order brides in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & South Korea have been talking a lot lately because it resulted many miserable relationships. Nowadays such Vietnam’s mail order bride business is booming in this country because many Vietnamese girls (especially those who live in the countryside) still dream to marry a foreign husband. I use women, ladies and girls across this article because some unmarried women in Viet Nam don’t like to be called “women”.

Vietnamese mail order brides weddings

Vietnamese mail order brides weddings

Look at this advertisement in Vietnam, “She is a virgin, fixed price, marry her in a few months, you’ll get a new bride if she runs away from you”. Do they consider a human being as an item for sale?

Vietnamese women wait every minute, hour and day for her opportunity to meet a prospective foreign husband.

Why are they interested to get marry with a foreign husband that much?

Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Ad

Vietnamese Mail Order Bride Ad

It is the power of money. Most of Vietnamese girls who want to marry a Chinese, Singaporean, Malaysian, Taiwanese and Korean husband are poor. They don’t see a bright future in Vietnam. They want to help their parents and siblings so the only way is to get married with a foreign man. However, if there is a demand, then there is a supply. If you go to some mail order brides agencies or brokers in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & South Korea, you will notice some silly ads like “She is a virgin, $4,000, fixed price” or “Vietnamese women, select a bride, travel to Vietnam, get married, $4,500″ and etc. That means foreign men can go to Viet Nam, choose the bride and get married with her for that amount of money. The bride can get about 75% of that money from her bride-groom and the 25% go to the brokers.

Most of these Vietnamese women come from poor rural villages, have less knowledge and low education. They favor the opportunity to live abroad so they take the risk to marry a foreign husband. They think getting married with a man overseas is the best option because they have money to support their family and help their siblings. As a result, many marriages turn out miserably. Many Vietnamese wives are beaten up, used as a sex slave, murdered by their husbands.

There is no strict rules to prevent such marriages because these Vietnamese ladies marry foreign husbands voluntarily. The language barrier is the main problem. They don’t have knowledge about living abroad in a new country. They think getting married with a husband oversea and making money in a new country is easy. They don’t have a choice.

Most of foreign men marrying single Vietnamese girls are farmers and fishermen who can’t find a wife in their local area. They are left behind by local girls so they have to find a Vietnamese wife who is simple so they can control her.

However, there are some marriages work out very well. There are some successful Vietnamese women who got married with foreign men.

I recommend both Vietnamese girls and foreign men should not get married with each other by the marriage agencies. You guys can find each other at online dating sites like or other free Asian date websites. You can find your life mate in Vietnam, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan & South Korea by yourself without going through mail order brides services.

Golden Traits About White Men That Thai Girls Love

White men have some golden traits that most Thai girls love about. No wonder why thousands of single foreign men in the West travel to Thailand for meeting these Thai women. They just speak English and being white, then get crush on girls. On this article, I use the words “girls”, “women” or “ladies” interchangeably because women in Asia prefer to be called “girls” if they are not married.

White man and Thai girls

White man and Thai girls (Photo: Flickr)

If you’ve ever been in Bangkok or other cities as Patpong, Nana and so on, then you will see Thai girls and White men couples standing around the touristy places. Almost every White man has a Thai woman. Of course, some of these girls are prostitutes. The truth is, some Western men come to Thailand on tourism because of prostitution of yellow-fever ladies. There are some reasons that Thai women marry Western men. However, I won’t discuss about this on this article but about golden characteristics of White guys that most Thai ladies fall on.

They view White guys with impressive eyes because they think these guys are affluent. Are they rich? I have to say some are rich and some are average and some are poor. It depends on where do you compare these guys with local guys. Some old men live on their social security money, like $900 a month. This amount of money is very small in Canada, Australia or America. However, $900 is about 30,000 THB in Thailand so it is huge. People who earn about 30,000 THB in Thailand are considered above average.

White male tourists are popular in Thailand that most Thai girls want to be with. They are popular in their characteristics about treating the woman with respects. They let the woman freely speak and share ideas. They don’t control on the woman but let her do whatever she likes to do. And, they are strong in bed.

Being with a White man is the pride from public. This is absolutely right. When a Thai lady dating a White guy, she is proud of herself from public’s view. People look at her with impress for being with the most beautiful guy on the world. So, most single women in Thailand are proud to date with White expats.

White men are considered better husbands who take responsibility in the family. I have to tell you one truth about Thai men. They work hard to support their family and children. However, most of them don’t treat their wife as Western men do. After work, they gather with male friends and drink and get drunk. Also, they have mistresses after married for awhile. This is what most ladies don’t like to get married with local men at all.

White men can sponsor their wives to the West. This is another golden trait of these guys. Many Thai ladies dream about coming to the West to live. They can work and make good money to help their parents and siblings back home. They can enjoy breathing fresh air and organic food. Their children can go to the best schools. And, they can enjoy other good things when they come to the West.

In conclusion, I am writing this article based on my personal knowledge and what I read online. I don’t personally intent to pick out any group of people. Nowadays, there are many White men and Thai women signed up at Thai online dating sites like or others to find each other. Above is most reasons that Thai girls love about White men for marriage.

Singaporean Women Marry Caucasian SO Singaporean Men Marry Foreign Brides

Singaporean women seeking Caucasian men to marry has been increasing in 2014. So, Singaporean single men don’t have a chance to find local women, they have to find foreign brides in Thailand, China, Vietnam and the Philippines. 

There are many reasons why single women in Singapore prefer Expats (Caucasian) for marriage including American, German, Australian, Canadian, Polish, Italian and so on. Singaporean men have no choice but marry international brides. In this article, we use Expats and Caucasian respectively.

One of the main reasons that Singaporean men seeking foreign brides for marriage is the shortage of single women in Singapore. Men outnumber women is the problem. A few decades ago, most families prefer sons over daughters. Most Singaporeans simply think that women will get married and have children and become mothers so they value sons more important. Also, most families have less children nowadays, usually one child is enough and they prefer the son over daughter.

Why do Singaporean women prefer to marry Caucasian over local men in Singapore:

Singapore women White men

Singapore women White men (Photo:


The average salary of a Caucasian in Singapore is 3 times or higher compared to the average salary of a Singaporean. Many women in Singapore are interested in marrying Expats because of power of money.


Expats who come to Singapore are higher educated than local men. Singaporean didn’t consider education as an important thing a few decades ago. By this time, young people don’t continue their education and just want to go out and find a job. However, nowadays most young generation consider to get a B.S. or Master degree which are the utmost important thing in their life. That’s a good news for all Singaporeans. However, most women like to get married with a man who is higher than them in education while most men prefer to marry a woman who is less educated than them.


Most Singaporean women prefer to get married with a tall and strong Caucasian while most local men are shorter and weaker. The White Expats are too popular in other countries including Japan, South Korea, and etc. Many Asian girls dream about marrying a White man. So, Singaporean ladies dream to marry one White Expat, which is common.

Why do Singaporean men marry foreign brides?


Since the man outnumbers woman in Singapore, they can’t find a wife here. Also, most Singaporean ladies try to “look higher” or “marry up” for a White Caucasian. Local men in this country have no choice but find an international bride in Viet Nam, Thailand, China, India, Indosenia or Philippines to marry.


If one Singaporean man gets married with a beautiful and young foreign wife, then other men like to follow which has become a trend. There has been a surge in the number of Singaporean guys taking international brides in the last few years. Most of these men are older than their wife a lot, 10 to even 30 years old. Many of these guys are able to find a wife in Singapore but they want to find a young and beautiful foreign wife. Also, they think most of these foreign brides are not as “hard head” as high-educated local Singaporean women.

Singapore man with foreign bride

Singapore man with foreign bride (Photo:

In conclusion, that’s the reality which has been occurring in this country. If you look at our Singaporean dating site at, then you can see women just look for White men while Singaporean men try to find foreign ladies. When the man outnumbers woman and most Singaporean women usually “marry up” or look for a White Caucasian for marriage, single men in Singapore look for beautiful and young foreign brides.

How To Find Japanese Women Seeking Men Online At Internet Dating Sites?

Japan is a developed country in which people living in fast-pace lifestyle so they don’t have time to search their soul mate. Japanese singles use the internet dating sites to sign up a profile and meet their life partner nowadays. That’s the most easiest and effective way to find single Japanese women seeking men online today.

Japanese women (Hara Hachibunme)

Japanese women (Hara Hachibunme) (From Wikilamdep)

You can find Japanese single women online in a matter of minutes. I can show you how to do it. The first thing you do is to sign up a profile at free Japanese dating sites such as or others, ignore the expensive dating services where you have to pay too much membership fee. I am speaking of free Asian dating websites that promise to help you with a single woman in Japan.

Most of Japanese ladies who signed up online are those who don’t trust guys in a bar or club. They are tired of short-term dates which last for one or two nights. They are no longer interested in men in clubs or bars who just look for sex, but no love or relationship. They are searching for men online who are ready to settle down a long term relationship which leads to marriage. Are you one of those? You can find a sweet lady online today.

Single women in Japan like the idea of having security in their relationship so they go online dating sites to find that perfect man. From these internet dating services, they can read man’s profiles and find a match before they contact them. Even though if you contact them first, they still read your profile to learn about your personal preferences before they answer your message.

Learn about Japanese women

It is a must. If you are a Japanese man, then you will sleep through it. For Western or foreign men, you guys need to learn about what Japanese women want in a man before you try to date one. They are one of the most beautiful women on the world. Most of Japanese women tend not to like foreign men very much, they do prefer to choose Japanese men for their own life mate. That’s the truth.

Most of Japanese women have big problems to speak English. Some of them do speak English but with strong accent so it is hard to understand. If you are a non-Japanese man, then you will have a hard time to date a single woman in Japan.

Some of Japanese women who tend to be interested in foreign men go to English pubs. You can hook up with a chick at these places. However, these ladies are not as “good” as the ones you meet in other places like school, shopping centers or online dating services.

Japanese women are not submissive. If you are a non-Japanese men who used to date Asian ladies like Filipina, Thai, Chinese, then you will see big differences in Japanese women. They are independent ladies. They don’t need you to take care of them about materials and make them listen to you. This is wrong understanding about ladies in Japan.

Go to online dating sites to find Japanese women

There are many ways to find them, like markets, movie theaters, parks, Church, schools, and so on but the best way is the online method. If you want to find Japanese single women, then you can go to the internet dating sites to find them.

Why are Foreign Entrepreneurs Doing Business in the Philippines?

There are many Western entrepreneurs doing business in the Philippines and many are planning to open a company in this country. Most of these entrepreneurs are men who come from America, Australia, Canada, Poland and other Western and European countries. There are many other things that make these businessmen attract in doing business in this country. There are three important things for successful foreign entrepreneurs, including personal contact, human interaction and trust.

Filipina ladies Western men party on boat

Filipina ladies Western men party on boat (Picture from Tropicalmba)

It takes time to do business successfully in the Philippines. You should learn about the culture and lifestyle first before opening a company here. There are many differences between the Western cultures and Filipino culture.

  • You usually make direct eye contact with people when you are talking to. This rule does not apply in the Philippines. This is considered “rude”.
  • Many entrepreneurs first meet in a restaurant to eat and drink to discuss about business or have any contract signed.
  • The outlook is extremely important so dress yourself professionally during meetings. This helps you gain respects from other people.
  • There is no “exact” time frame in here. If you are scheduled for one-hour meeting, then it always takes longer than that. Don’t expect the meeting lasts for exact time frame.
  • Speak slowly and clearly during meetings.

Why are so many of Western men doing business in the Philippines?

The main answer is, the Philippines, provides the best value for most business men from the US and Europe as well as Asia. There are many other attracts that men exciting about opening a business here.

Dating in the Philippines

There are many young single Filipino women who are seeking Western men for dating, relationship and marriage. Most foreign entrepreneurs are from 40 to 65 years old. They can date a beautiful and sexy 20 to 25-year-old Filipina lady at ease. This attracts many business men around the world.

Cheap employees

You can find cheap employees and train them to do a good job. Most of Filipinos speak English well and you pay them much lower than you pay your employees in US or Europe countries. They are hardworking staff.

Travel and adventure

In this country, there are many places you can travel and enjoy yourself in a warm weather, including beautiful beaches, parks, and so on.

Clubs / bars / party

It is cheap to go to a bar or club. You can party all days in a week.

Filipina ladies

This is one of the important reason that many foreign entrepreneurs opened their business in the Philippines. As I mentioned on the dating in the Philippines, many young and beautiful Filipina women are seeking Western men for romance and even marriage. If you are one of those guys, then you can find a young lady here.

Beautiful FilipinasBeautiful Filipina ladies (Picture from myblueheart)

In conclusion, there are many business men who already opened business and those who are planning to do business in the Philippines. I think the most important reason that attracts these entrepreneurs is the lower absolute costs for everything. The absolute costs are lower than other countries like Bali and Thailand. For about $450 a month, you can enjoy your beautiful and luxury life in here.

Why Are Single Men In South Korea Looking For For International Brides?

South Korean men are looking for foreign brides including Filipina, Vietnamese, Thai and so on because of the shifting demographics in the last few years. Many middle-aged men are left behind so they must look for international brides for marriage. There are also international workers from poor countries like Mongolia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Philippines who come to work in South Korea, got married with Korean men.

Korean men international brides

Korean men international brides (Photo from NYtimes)

Seoul is the most popular city in South Korea that thousands of middle-aged men have a hard time to find a wife. Most of these guys are old and poor, some of them are divorced and some are still single. Single women here don’t look at them and they are looking for better one. In the big cities, most women set their high standards on career. The men who are “low” in education or career are left behind so they have to look for oversea brides. Many South Korean women seeking American men for marriage nowadays.

Another reason that South Korean men are seeking foreign brides is that they like to have “young” and “virgin” women. They want to have babies with young international women. Some of them marry a foreign wife to have babies and take care of their elderly or sick parents. In this country, there are some marriage brokers or services that advertise international brides as an item for sale. These brokers and services usually have an international connection with the people over there who can help to find poor and young women for old men in South Korea. There are many painfully miserable results for such marriages of a young international woman with an old Korean man. The language barrier is also an issue. I have to conclude that such marriages are “no love” at the beginning. Many of those marriages don’t turn out well as we have read from reported incidents of violence.

Every year, there are more than 40,000 Koreans marrying foreign brides and the numbers are expected to continue increasing in the next few years. There are an increase in unhappy marriages between old Korean husbands and young foreign wives.

Why do these foreign women accept such old men in South Korea?

Escaping poverty is the main reason. These international women are often motivated by the desire to make good money in South Korea. They accept old Korean husbands just because they can work to make money to help their family back home. This is the reason many “naive” foreign women deal with huge cultural and language barriers in this country. Many of them became the sex slaves of the husband.

Why do South Korean men marry foreign brides?

There are many benefits that Korean men marry foreign ladies. Most of these oversea women are less picky than local women about financial and social status of their husbands. Local women pay attention to the education background and the career of their future husbands so poor and “low” standard Korean men can’t stand a chance. Old Korean men believe that foreign women are submissive so they take the lead of the family.

In reality, both single men and women in South Korea are having a tough time searching spouses. The woman is more selective when it comes to find a man because of her high standards in education, financial and social background. It is hard for a lady seeking a man who meets her expectations. This ends up many men go for foreign brides.

What Japanese Women Really Want In A Man

Japanese women are the most modern women since they were born and raised in Japan, a greatest country in Asia continent. What a Japanese woman wants in a man is the question that you want to know. There are men from different countries who live in Japan get confused about these ladies. Even local men want to know about what Japanese ladies want from the man.

Japanese woman

Japanese woman

There are two most important things that most Japanese women love in a man:

  1. Japanese women want a man who is there for them when they are lonely. They are afraid of the loneliness on nights in the room. Sometimes they don’t have any plan so they feel sad and empty, they want to have a man there for them.
  2. When they are tired or sad, they would want a man who can talk to them, hold them in their hands, kiss them and say to their ear “I love you forever”.
  3. They love a man who make love well and perform well in the bedroom.

There are other things about what they want in a man. It does not matter if you are a Japanese man or a Western man, a Japanese woman usually likes a man with these characteristics:

  1. She likes a man who listens to her and speak sweetly to her.
  2. She likes a man who takes care of her on daily life, especially when she is sick.
  3. She likes a man who hugs and kisses her when he goes to work and gets home after work.
  4. She likes a man who pay attention to her whenever she is sad and happy.
  5. She likes a man who thinks her as a priority, instead of his male friends.
  6. She likes a man who does not look at other ladies when he is walking hand in hand with her.
  7. She likes a man who gives her gifts and flowers on every special occasions like birthday, valentine day, etc.
  8. Most important, she likes a man who treats her with respect.

There are more things that Japanese single women want in a man. Do you know why single women in Japan go for Western guys? Because these men know how to treat a woman with respect, so women fall on them. Most Japanese men are culturally developed so they don’t value a woman as much as foreign men do. There are many foreign guys living in Japan dating beautiful and sexy Japanese ladies and we’ve seen it. A Japanese man rarely say “I love you” to his woman even he loves her very much. A Western man says “I love you” every time he speaks with her. Why is it too hard to say it to your sweetheart?

Japanese women want a man who treat women with honor and respects. They like men who are kind to women and apply concepts like “ladies first” when dating.  They like men who treat them like a princess and always behave like a gentleman. The concept “ladies first” has been applied by European and American men for a long time. This is what a Japanese lady likes from a man.

Do you feel good when someone treats you well? Women are the same. The feel good when they are treated with respects. Women in Japan are different from women in other developed countries. They are strong, powerful and high educated. They are still women, you know? So, what they want in a man is the one who make them feel good.